People’s Journeys – CEWN Funded Project

by Dr Spencer Jordan

People’s Journeys / Teithiau Pobl is a new digital media project funded by Creative Exchange Wales Network. The Project team is Dr Spencer Jordan (Cardiff Met) and Dr Gareth Loudon (Centre for Creativity Ltd).

People’s Journeys explores how mobile technology can address issues of alienation and estrangement within our cities, specifically through the spatial mapping of community ‘teithiau’ or ‘journeys’.

People’s Journeys will consist of individual narratives, linking a specific place to a story. These journeys will be personal journeys, community generated and not necessarily on any current map (for example, they may be historical, referring to what is no longer present).

People’s Journeys will explore how a location-based app can open up and sustain a “space of enunciation” for a community of users, allowing them to re-engage with their own sense of “home” and “belonging”.