A community is built of stories. People’s Journeys / Teithiau Pobl is a CEWN funded project (September 2014), led by Dr Spencer Jordan with Dr Gareth Loudon. The project seeks to explore the intersection between storytelling and cityspace, what de Certeau terms “a space of enunciation”. People’s Journeys / Teithiau Pobl explores how a location-based app can open up and sustain a “space of enunciation” for a community of users, allowing them to re-engage with their own sense of “home” and “belonging”.


In July 2013 the Waterways and Walkways team (Dr Kate Watson, Dr Spencer Jordan and Dr Mike Reddy) led a digitally-mediated dérive across Cardiff, following the now defunct (and largely disappeared) course of the Glamorganshire Canal. It involved traversing a variety of terrains, including St David’s shopping centre and Butetown, before finishing at the site of the Canal’s Sea Lock, beneath the A4232 flyover. In total there were 25 participants from all walks of life, from young children to the retired. The project was nominated for the Canal and River Trust’s 2014 Living Waterways awards.

Waterways & Walkways

In 2013 two creative writing workshops were held in Glamorgan Record Office. In total, there were 25 people in attendance, from A level students, published writers, through to retired researchers. It proved very popular. Spencer led a debate about aspects of historical fiction, before attendees had a look at some of the documents Rhian Phillips, senior archivist, had got out for them.

Writing Historical Fiction

Historical fiction workshop in Glamorgan Record Office

In May 2012 Dr Spencer Jordan was chair of the Wales Book of the Year Award which was won by Patrick McGuinness for The Last Hundred Days.

Patrick McGuinness with Dr Spencer Jordan

Patrick McGuinness receiving his award from Spencer Jordan